RC Detailing

High-grade RC Detailing Solutions
Catering to Diverse Project Requirements

Capaz CAD Solutions has a rich experience of providing computer-aided engineering design services to architects, engineers, builders and other stakeholders in the country. As a leading solutions provider, we are equipped with the expertise and technical excellence to deliver reliable RC detailing services according to the project requirements.

Our RC detailing services are structured to offer end-to-end solutions related to reinforced concrete structure designs and detailing. From construction management to prelim design concept and beyond, we can provide full-suite solutions owing to an in-house team of RC detailing experts and technological superiority.

Complete RC Detailing Solutions by Capaz Drafting Services

Over the years, we have catered to RC detailing requirements of small, mid and large-scale projects including schools, bridges, power plants, industrial setups, parking garages, tilt-up panels, etc. Our services involve providing end-to-end solutions associated with:

  • RC design concept drawing and model
  • General arrangement drawing
  • Production reinforcement drawing
  • Project management
  • Project reporting
  • RC detailing
  • General arrangement drawing
  • RC material estimation
  • Bar rending and listing schedules

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