2D Drafting

Professional 2D Drafting Services
for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Projects

With deep expertise and rich experience in the field of 2D drafting, Capaz CAD Solution provides professional 2D drafting services for any kind of project. 2D drafting services assist you in swift drafting of architectural designs, helping you share with clients, authorities or others, without the fuss.

2D drafting and drawing services make it easier to design building permit drawings, floor plans, landscaping layouts and inspection layouts for residential, commercial or industrial projects. 2D drafts for architectural layouts speeds up the planning process by augmenting approvals and other allied activities.

Inclusive 2D Drafting Services to
Perfect the Following
  • Floor Plans
  • Elevations
  • House Plans
  • Wall Sections
  • Roof Framing Layout
  • Power and Communication Diagrams
  • Floor Framing Layout
  • Historic building surveys
  • Foundation Plans
  • Lighting drawings
  • Reflected Ceiling Plans
  • Furniture Layouts
  • Landscaping Layout
  • Roadway Plans
  • Exterior Design

Speed Up your Project’s Development with 2D Drafting