Quantity Take off & Scheduling through BIM

BIM Quantity Take Off & Scheduling Services
for Accurate Cost Estimation & Scheduling

BIM model quantity take off and scheduling makes it easier for project engineers to schedule project and estimate project costs, accurately. Our highly professional team of BIM experts conduct a detailed analysis of BIM geometry elements to provide comprehensive quantity take off solutions.

Our services make it easy to come up with accurate material costing and get a comprehensive view of the complete project. Using advanced technology and expertise of our team, we create a precise take-off model making it easier for developers to complete projects in time while staying in budget.

Quantity Take Off & Scheduling Services by Capaz Drafting Services

Our expert services help engineers and project designers in quickly reviewing design plans, improve BIM quality and be more efficient at project management. Collectively, our services offer the following benefits:

  • Review building designs easily
  • Achieve accuracy in ascertaining material quantities for the project
  • Effectively communicate with subcontractors and develop credible project handover

Looking for efficient quantity take off & scheduling services?